Team Announcement

It is with great disappointment we must announce the Southern CrossFit team will not be competing at or attending the 2013 CrossFit Games.

On the morning of 17thJune, we were made aware by the CrossFit Games General Manager that one of our team members had tested positive to a banned substance.

We cannot disclose any of this information due to privacy reasons but can confirm the athlete has advised the substance was prescribed and not taken with performance enhancement in mind. We as coaches and the remaining team members were not informed at any time the banned substance was being taken.

We as coaches are very disappointed with this result on many aspects and in some ways we are left wondering what we could have done differently to guard against this occurring. We are and will continue to support this athlete and we as coaches and the team hold no ill feelings.

We must state that the coaches at Southern CrossFit never have and never will condone the use of performance enhancing substances. We support our members in attempting to continue to grow and challenge their physical and mental capabilities. However, we believe our CrossFit programs and the systems we utilise and continue to develop are amongst the best methods to achieve your fitness goals.

We fully support the decision made by the CrossFit Games and believe the Games and the CrossFit Community (including SXF) benefit through the maintenance of the integrity of the games.

The coaches at SXF and the team are gutted by these events. We would all like to apologise to CrossFit, the Australian CrossFit community, the Western Australian CrossFit Community and most of all the Southern CrossFit Community. You have all showed us, the team, great support and generosity, we are very thankful for that.

To our team we know there’s not much we can say at this point. We are proud of the work you put into your training and there is not a lot we can do to cover the disappointment. Hopefully we can all take something away from this situation and use it to fuel the next year of training, go back and prove that we deserved to go to the Games.

The community at Southern CrossFit is about so much more than competing and we want to reiterate that we are fully behind the team member who tested positive. Over time as people become aware of the events and the athlete involved we hope and expect that support is shown. This is an unfortunate mistake.

We would like to wish all the athletes and teams attending the 2013 CrossFit Games the very best of luck.

Hayden & Jonathon.


5 Rds For Time:


Run 200m

15 Burpees

10 D Ball Slams 23/15kg

5 Muscle Ups


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