SXF Xmas Party!!

The Gym will be closed this weekend.

The party will kick off around 10am with the coverted SXF Awards going off at 12 noon!
*See below for more details.

A few things to get organised and remember to bring if needed on Saturday:
- Sunscreen
- Shade - tents or umbrellas
- Seating or picnic mats ...

- Mosquito repellent for later in the night.
- Lots of water (it's going to be stinking hot)
- Extra food and nibbles and Drinks (alcoholic or not, we do have a liquor licence organised)
- The energy to party all day  
& any thing else you need

It's going to be an awesome day team!!

We are going to be there from 10am onwards so feel free to come down anytime from then onwards!!

*Awards will start just after 12 so make sure you are there for that, ...

*Food up at 12:30
*Face painting 1-2:30
*Games and Stand Up Paddle boards all day
*Drinks and good times until late in the night