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30 Bear Complex 70/45kg

The "Bear Complex" is a sequence of a power clean into a front squat into a push press into a back squat into a push press.

Notes: The Power clean must be separate from the front squat. Must be touch and go reps. No resting on the ground between reps, not even to re-grip.

*Each time the bar is placed on the ground perform 10 lateral burpees over your barbell. Burpee standard is chest and thighs on the ground & standing tall, shoulders, hips & ankles all stacked with a clap overhead while looking straight ahead. 


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Carter was our first ever athelete at SXF, we have watched him turn his life around and help others with theirs. He is a strong man with a big caring heart.

Carter we have been blessed to meet you and have you train with us. We wish you the best of luck with your exciting new adventure and know that you will always have a home here.


DEMO Video of "The BEAR"