5 Rds For Time:

15 Front Squats 35kg/22.5

30 Sit-ups


Post Times and Comments.


CrossFit Games 10-12 July

For anybody who wants to set themselves a goal to aim for why not aim for the top?!

"We define this fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. What this means is that you have functional capacity in all different types of movements at a variety of durations of effort. If you are increasing this broad work capacity, you will be competent at both short bursts of activity and extended, longer workouts. No single test can adequately assess these broad capacities. Even our rigorous two-day CrossFit Games can assess but a small portion of anyone's true capacity.

But, it is our considered opinion that the CrossFit Games are the best test on the planet for true, elite fitness, and that the winners of the CrossFit Games are the World's Fittest humans."

Could the CrossFit Games ever eclipse the Olympic Games?

Best of luck to the 4 competitors from the Australian Qualifiers:

Steve Willis -CFX
Chris Hogan - CrossFit Melbourne
Nadine Burns - Ignite
Tamaryn Venter - CrossFit NZ

Go kick some ass!!!