I have been doing CrossFit for four years and have been a member of four different CrossFit boxes, and I can honestly say that Southern CrossFit is in a league of its own. After being with SXF just over a year, it is clear to me that what makes SXF stand out amongst the rest are three things: quality of coaching, variety in training, and value for your money.

Southern CrossFit coaches are some of the best I've come across, and I was once a coach myself! They are not just CrossFit Level 1 certified trainers, which is what a lot of other places offer: someone who passed the test and then can call themselves a trainer (that was me). SXF coaches are different. They are extremely experienced, not just in the CrossFit world, and it shows in the manner in which they run the classes. They are dedicated to the safety of their athletes, consistent in their messages, and willing to offer individual attention, no matter your fitness level. These qualities are not easy to find.

The programming and the variety in training options at Southern CrossFit are really unique compared to other boxes. The programming tests your fitness in every dimension (strength, endurance, speed, mobility, etc.) and really shows you what you're capable of. Other boxes I've been to tend to 'favor' some dimensions over others; some are very 'lift big, bro' boxes that are dominated by power lifting, and others are limited to mostly bodyweight movements. This isn't bad, but to improve your overall fitness, you need a gym that is willing to test your fitness in every dimension. Also, SXF has a very flexible training schedule and two separate gym spaces, so members can choose among normal work outs, open gym times, weightlifting classes, and other specialised classes. This variety allows the individual to work on his/her own weaknesses in the midst of programming built for the community. Other gyms limit you to that day's WOD and that WOD only; SXF offers much more.

Everything I've mentioned all boils down to one thing: value for your money. Other gyms in the area charge the same or more and offer a lot less. At SXF, you're paying for quality coaching, challenging programming, flexibility in where/when/what you train and for how long, and the bonus is you get to be part of the amazing SXF community.

My personal experience with SXF is different from that of other boxes in that I've IMPROVED as a CrossFit athlete. I've hit a number of PB lifts, shaved time off baseline workouts, and can generally do most movements more efficiently. There are boxes out there suited to people who 'just want a good workout' - you train consistently, and you maintain a certain level of fitness. Southern CrossFit is where you go if you want to improve.

Their motto is 'Better than Yesterday', and it's true!