Meet Wayne

I joined Southern CrossFit in November 2011 as an extremely unfit and rather overweight mid 40 year old. 

Two and half years on I am the fittest, strongest and slimmest I have been in my entire life and have achieved some awesome fitness goals along the way.  I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of this without the awesome support, encouragement and occasionally kick up the butt from the fantastic coaches at Southern, Hayden, Jono, Tara, Claire, Scotty & Fin.  Hayden & Jono and their team have created a fantastic supportive, inspiring and friendly environment to work out in.  The comradery, support and team spirit between all the Crosfitters who attend Southern is awesome and a tribute to the team there.  It has made it so much easier and the most fun I've ever had keeping fit and healthy.

 You cannot help but be inspired every day to work harder to be better than yesterday. Wayne Mandic