I have been with SXF from the very beginning when Cheng, Hayden and Jono who were personal trainers at the time, held classes in the car park of a local globo gym. I remember my first workout being a modified filthy fifty and after the workout I was totally shattered, sitting in the locker room for 45 mins without moving. I was hooked after that and from then on was determined to do more.

I have witnessed Cheng, Hayden and Jono develop and become not only top crossfitters but excellent coaches. They have a good eye for picking up faults, are able to explain movements very clearly and technically. They are honest and genuinely interested in the well being of the members at SXF. The coaching team at SXF have also built close connections with other sporting disciplines and have an extensive knowledge of the other fitness philosophies which are out there today.

 As a member of SXF, the support and encouragement you receive from other crossfitters is outstanding. SXF are also involved in fundraising and supporting community events which is a great testament of their values. Most importantly crossfit has taught me become more determined, focussed and to never give up on achieving your goals.   

Keep up the good work!!