Carter "G-man" Jee

I was a world class couch potato.  My life was pretty much being as sedentary as possible.  I disliked exercise, even though I was a member of the gym.

This all changed in Easter 2008 when I was hospitalised with blood clots in my liver and bowel.

After several medical tests, I was told that I was a walking time bomb and was a candidate for diabetes, heart disease and a whole range of other medical conditions.


When I got out of hospital, I was determined to change my life.   That’s when I met Hayden, Cheng and Jono at Southern CrossFit.

With their guidance and training, I have managed to lose the weight, dramatically increase my fitness and turn my life around.

I went from being unable to run more than 200m to competing in the recent WA/NT/SA CrossFit Games qualifiers.  The highlight was finishing in 8th in one of the workouts!!!

Not bad for a guy who a year ago couldn’t run 200m without stopping for a breath, and couldn’t do a single pull-up!!

Results are one thing, but the biggest part about Southern Crossfit that makes it different is the community of people who train with you every day. 

No matter what Hayden, Cheng and Jono come up with; we attack it together and encourage each other towards the end. 

This makes coming to the gym an absolute highlight of the day.

Btw.  There is one downside.   It’s bloody expensive to have my suits taken in every 6 months!!!  BUT, it’s a price I’m happy to pay…

- Carter