“CrossFit changed my life.”

You may have heard this spoken around CrossFit Athletes, for me this phrase rings true every time I look at the white board for the day’s WOD. An opportunity to learn something new about myself, challenge myself in a new way.

 I have found direction and drive from Jono, Hayden and Cheng. Without the boys from the SXF Gym I would not have gained these opportunities. 

I am fitter healthier and stronger, and push myself to be able to perfect each movement and challenge my body to every limit.

It not only has challenged my body, but the mental state of being able to achieve and reach goals that before, I never thought I could achieve. It has bought the determination and drive out in me, and changed my life. I look different, feel different and I think different than before… as the  SXF boys would say ”Better than yesterday!”

It is not only about me, the gym has bought friendships commradery and a sense of being part of a family, something that doesn’t generally go with a gym. The challenge and spirit of the SXF CrossFit family is second to none. With all of this, I cannot thank Jono, Cheng and Hayden enough; I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the help support and friendship these three have given me everyday when I walk thought the doors of our gym. I am proud to be part of Southern CrossFit, and can honestly say there is no better gym in Perth, or perhaps the whole of Australia.

It is so true; CrossFit changed my life……

Ross Davis