I’m a 24 year old female who started with Southern Crossfit in May 2008.

Before I started Crossfit I severely lacked confidence, I was constantly feeling fatigued, slept poorly and was at my heaviest weight I’d ever been.

After being a very active child and teenager and dropping out of physical activity I found it extremely hard to find a sport I really enjoyed and stuck to. I felt exercise was a chore more than fun. I now find that I look forward to my daily work out and I actually find it hard to stay away, not only for the workout but also for the people.  I have not only found a sport that I love but have also found a community of people who are extremely supportive, who are as passionate about their sport as I am and who have also become friends not only inside the gym but outside. After a rough day at work I can go do my work out and the events of the day are completely forgotten and I’m left on a natural high. If you’re the first or the last person to finish the workout, you always have people there encouraging you and pushing you to finish and give it your best.

I love how Crossfit isn’t repetitive.  Each day there is always something different.  You aren’t competing against anyone except yourself.  Beating that previous time, lifting a heavier weight, progressing through stages as you get stronger.  There is always something new to learn and the trainers are always there making sure our technique/form is where it needs to be.

Since starting Crossfit in May 2008 I have gained confidence, lost roughly 12.5kg, I sleep well, I feel strong and toned, I find I am a lot more positive in my life and I have a lot more motivation.

Crossfit has definitely changed my life.

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