Jono Hayden and Cheng, I wish to thank you for working with me to reach my goals and become fitter healthier and happier. 

Six months ago, after visiting my specialist I was told I had to put on more muscle mass and start working out with weight bearing exercise, to my surprise I was given a diagnosis of osteoporosis and at the age of 35, wasn’t good news. I am a coeliac and also have hasimotos disease (thyroid) and was feeling exhausted run down and I thought this was normal.

Regular gyms were not of interest to me. Repetitious gym equipment and mirrors everywhere, I only managed 3 months at the local gym, and was not getting any results, with no motivation to continue. 

Now I know a new normal, I have heaps of energy and feel fantastic, my self esteem and motivation has improved and with all the help and time the boys gave me at the gym, I am a new person. They have worked so hard and I love it, the workouts are fun and interesting.

The community at the gym is just amazing with everyone cheering me on in the workouts and everyone’s positive attitudes, I can’t keep away. I never knew a gym to have a warm and welcoming environment, apart from all the friends I have made along the way. 

I went back to my specialist two weeks ago, he was amazed to see me, I re-did my tests and I had lost 5% body fat and gained 3.8kgs of lean muscle, and… my osteoporosis is getting better!


Without Southern CrossFit I wouldn’t have been able to get these results, I am so thankful for everything, the time the energy and the family community and camaraderie of all of the Southern CrossFit family…….you’ve changed my life. Thank you, I will see you all again tomorrow!

- Leesa Munro