Jarrad's Story

Before training with Hayden from Southern Crossfit I had struggled a bit with shoulder problems over the years after a mishap on the bench press but still managed to get to the gym from time to time and do the standard guys weights of Bench press and arm curls etc... I had never heard about Crossfit, thought a kettlebell was an alarm that went off when the kettle boiled, hated Cardio and anything that was harder than looking in the mirror doing bicep curls. I was very happy with my life as a whole despite carrying a few too many kilos that I found impossible to get rid of despite living what I thought was a healthy life and eating fairly well. I was terribly and embarrassingly unfit couldn't do many push ups during a workout and ran out of breath and had to stop quite quickly. My health wasn't flash either I didn't sleep well and at 29 I had high blood pressure and with a history of heart problems within the family needed to change.

Well I'm not about to say I can run a marathon or have lost 50 kilos but both my wife and I are starting to feel an addiction to health and fitness. I never thought that I could feel this good everyday, my blood pressure is good, I sleep better, I have lost 7 kilos but more importantly have gone down 3 holes on my belt in 3 months and fitting into things I never thought I would, my overall body strength has increased dramatically and stupidly enough I actually look forward to my next workout and if I miss a day or 2 it bothers me, my shoulders are in better condition now than what they were and on a different note my job is in sales and funnily enough the first 6 months of 2009 have been my best by far despite the hard times and the reduction in hours worked.

I would recommend to ANYONE of any age, size or fitness level wanting to make a healthy change to there life or take what they have now to another level completely to give Southern Crossfit a go. The environment the 3 guys create is a positive, un-intimidating, non pretentious friendly and caring community for both guys and girls where your not just a number or a client but someone they genuinely care about what and how you are doing.

Don't get sucked in by "sales people" at other gyms with fake promises and a gym bag just to get you to sign up only to become another number on a fixed contract like I have before, join one that actually cares and knows your name, has month by month memberships only because they are confident you are going to love it like I have and keep coming back for more.


Big thanks to Hayden, Jono and Cheng for all there help so far.

I am happy to talk to anyone that would like to know more about what Southern Crossfit has done for me and my life and can be contacted on 0403 267 251.

- Jarrad