I have been doing CrossFit for four years and have been a member of four different CrossFit boxes, and I can honestly say that Southern CrossFit is in a league of its own. After being with SXF just over a year, it is clear to me that what makes SXF stand out amongst the rest are three things: quality of coaching, variety in training, and value for your money.

Southern CrossFit coaches are some of the best I've come across, and I was once a coach myself! They are not just CrossFit Level 1 certified trainers, which is what a lot of other places offer: someone who passed the test and then can call themselves a trainer (that was me). SXF coaches are different. They are extremely experienced, not just in the CrossFit world, and it shows in the manner in which they run the classes. They are dedicated to the safety of their athletes, consistent in their messages, and willing to offer individual attention, no matter your fitness level. These qualities are not easy to find.

The programming and the variety in training options at Southern CrossFit are really unique compared to other boxes. The programming tests your fitness in every dimension (strength, endurance, speed, mobility, etc.) and really shows you what you're capable of. Other boxes I've been to tend to 'favor' some dimensions over others; some are very 'lift big, bro' boxes that are dominated by power lifting, and others are limited to mostly bodyweight movements. This isn't bad, but to improve your overall fitness, you need a gym that is willing to test your fitness in every dimension. Also, SXF has a very flexible training schedule and two separate gym spaces, so members can choose among normal work outs, open gym times, weightlifting classes, and other specialised classes. This variety allows the individual to work on his/her own weaknesses in the midst of programming built for the community. Other gyms limit you to that day's WOD and that WOD only; SXF offers much more.

Everything I've mentioned all boils down to one thing: value for your money. Other gyms in the area charge the same or more and offer a lot less. At SXF, you're paying for quality coaching, challenging programming, flexibility in where/when/what you train and for how long, and the bonus is you get to be part of the amazing SXF community.

My personal experience with SXF is different from that of other boxes in that I've IMPROVED as a CrossFit athlete. I've hit a number of PB lifts, shaved time off baseline workouts, and can generally do most movements more efficiently. There are boxes out there suited to people who 'just want a good workout' - you train consistently, and you maintain a certain level of fitness. Southern CrossFit is where you go if you want to improve.

Their motto is 'Better than Yesterday', and it's true!

Matty G-H

Well I'm the fittest, strongest and healthiest I've ever been so far and I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for the guidance and constant support from all the coaches !

It's such a fun and enjoyable place to train haha even though some workouts you'll be hating life at the time you always walk away feeling like you have achieved something and you laugh about it later.

Greet gym and keep up the good work guys.. Do work !!    

Matty GH


The hardest part for me was walking into Southern Crossfit for the first time - I had seen Crossfit sayings on the internet like, "we don't need machines because we are the machines". I was definitely not a machine so it was quite intimidating.

One year later and my only regret is not starting earlier! I have become stronger, fitter, healther and happier. The gym is always open and coaches are always happy to help. Usually I train in a class, but sometimes I will be training by myself and a coach will appear and encourage me or give me some pointers, it's like having a 24/7 personal trainer!

Meet Wayne

I joined Southern CrossFit in November 2011 as an extremely unfit and rather overweight mid 40 year old. 

Two and half years on I am the fittest, strongest and slimmest I have been in my entire life and have achieved some awesome fitness goals along the way.  I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of this without the awesome support, encouragement and occasionally kick up the butt from the fantastic coaches at Southern, Hayden, Jono, Tara, Claire, Scotty & Fin.  Hayden & Jono and their team have created a fantastic supportive, inspiring and friendly environment to work out in.  The comradery, support and team spirit between all the Crosfitters who attend Southern is awesome and a tribute to the team there.  It has made it so much easier and the most fun I've ever had keeping fit and healthy.

 You cannot help but be inspired every day to work harder to be better than yesterday. Wayne Mandic


 I have been with SXF from the very beginning when Cheng, Hayden and Jono who were personal trainers at the time, held classes in the car park of a local globo gym. I remember my first workout being a modified filthy fifty and after the workout I was totally shattered, sitting in the locker room for 45 mins without moving. I was hooked after that and from then on was determined to do more.

I have witnessed Cheng, Hayden and Jono develop and become not only top crossfitters but excellent coaches. They have a good eye for picking up faults, are able to explain movements very clearly and technically. They are honest and genuinely interested in the well being of the members at SXF. The coaching team at SXF have also built close connections with other sporting disciplines and have an extensive knowledge of the other fitness philosophies which are out there today.

 As a member of SXF, the support and encouragement you receive from other crossfitters is outstanding. SXF are also involved in fundraising and supporting community events which is a great testament of their values. Most importantly crossfit has taught me become more determined, focussed and to never give up on achieving your goals.   

Keep up the good work!!

Wellness W.A Review


It is fair to say that we are self confessed Crossfit addicts, more accurately we are Southern Crossfit addicts!

We know what you are thinking “What on EARTH is Crossfit?” We know this because it was precisely what we thought before we started our love affair with the program! So before we get into the actual review here is a bit of an explanation about Crossfit.

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that is sweeping the world and gathering dedicated followers wherever it goes. Each day in a Crossfitter’s life they will encounter a different workout (Workout of the Day or WOD). Exercises contained in these workouts vary from running, push ups and sit ups to weightlifting and gymnastic based movements. Each session, or class, held at the gym is led by qualified instructors that provide motivation and feedback and assist with completing the workout correctly and safely whilst still pushing you to achieve a new personal best time or weight. Every workout can be scaled to meet your current fitness level which means that literally everyone can complete the workout regardless of prior experience, fitness level, previous/existing injuries or limitations.

It seems to attract the genuine, the friendly and the dedicated amongst us. Every new member is quickly made to feel very welcome and just like Cheers, Southern Crossfit is the place where everybody knows your name. Everyone is there for the same reason and this resonates throughout the gym when members stay behind to cheer on the next class or arrive early to cheer on the other class. We have never experienced anything like it! 

Head to Wellness WA for the full review!

Full Review HERE

Carter "G-man" Jee

I was a world class couch potato.  My life was pretty much being as sedentary as possible.  I disliked exercise, even though I was a member of the gym.

This all changed in Easter 2008 when I was hospitalised with blood clots in my liver and bowel.

After several medical tests, I was told that I was a walking time bomb and was a candidate for diabetes, heart disease and a whole range of other medical conditions.


When I got out of hospital, I was determined to change my life.   That’s when I met Hayden, Cheng and Jono at Southern CrossFit.

With their guidance and training, I have managed to lose the weight, dramatically increase my fitness and turn my life around.

I went from being unable to run more than 200m to competing in the recent WA/NT/SA CrossFit Games qualifiers.  The highlight was finishing in 8th in one of the workouts!!!

Not bad for a guy who a year ago couldn’t run 200m without stopping for a breath, and couldn’t do a single pull-up!!

Results are one thing, but the biggest part about Southern Crossfit that makes it different is the community of people who train with you every day. 

No matter what Hayden, Cheng and Jono come up with; we attack it together and encourage each other towards the end. 

This makes coming to the gym an absolute highlight of the day.

Btw.  There is one downside.   It’s bloody expensive to have my suits taken in every 6 months!!!  BUT, it’s a price I’m happy to pay…

- Carter


“CrossFit changed my life.”

You may have heard this spoken around CrossFit Athletes, for me this phrase rings true every time I look at the white board for the day’s WOD. An opportunity to learn something new about myself, challenge myself in a new way.

 I have found direction and drive from Jono, Hayden and Cheng. Without the boys from the SXF Gym I would not have gained these opportunities. 

I am fitter healthier and stronger, and push myself to be able to perfect each movement and challenge my body to every limit.

It not only has challenged my body, but the mental state of being able to achieve and reach goals that before, I never thought I could achieve. It has bought the determination and drive out in me, and changed my life. I look different, feel different and I think different than before… as the  SXF boys would say ”Better than yesterday!”

It is not only about me, the gym has bought friendships commradery and a sense of being part of a family, something that doesn’t generally go with a gym. The challenge and spirit of the SXF CrossFit family is second to none. With all of this, I cannot thank Jono, Cheng and Hayden enough; I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the help support and friendship these three have given me everyday when I walk thought the doors of our gym. I am proud to be part of Southern CrossFit, and can honestly say there is no better gym in Perth, or perhaps the whole of Australia.

It is so true; CrossFit changed my life……

Ross Davis


I’m a 24 year old female who started with Southern Crossfit in May 2008.

Before I started Crossfit I severely lacked confidence, I was constantly feeling fatigued, slept poorly and was at my heaviest weight I’d ever been.

After being a very active child and teenager and dropping out of physical activity I found it extremely hard to find a sport I really enjoyed and stuck to. I felt exercise was a chore more than fun. I now find that I look forward to my daily work out and I actually find it hard to stay away, not only for the workout but also for the people.  I have not only found a sport that I love but have also found a community of people who are extremely supportive, who are as passionate about their sport as I am and who have also become friends not only inside the gym but outside. After a rough day at work I can go do my work out and the events of the day are completely forgotten and I’m left on a natural high. If you’re the first or the last person to finish the workout, you always have people there encouraging you and pushing you to finish and give it your best.

I love how Crossfit isn’t repetitive.  Each day there is always something different.  You aren’t competing against anyone except yourself.  Beating that previous time, lifting a heavier weight, progressing through stages as you get stronger.  There is always something new to learn and the trainers are always there making sure our technique/form is where it needs to be.

Since starting Crossfit in May 2008 I have gained confidence, lost roughly 12.5kg, I sleep well, I feel strong and toned, I find I am a lot more positive in my life and I have a lot more motivation.

Crossfit has definitely changed my life.

 Astrid's 50kg Overhead Squat PB Video!


It all started when a friend recommended that I head down and try a workout with the Southern CrossFit crew and see how I went. 

I had lots of questions one of which was “what on earth is CrossFit?” but was told the best way was to find out was to give it a go.  Not being a fittest person originally and also being a long way into “out of shape” I went down to check it out but was worried, that like everything else I had tried, it wouldn’t be for me….a year on I am very proud to call myself a member of Southern CrossFit and have said goodbye to more than 15kg in the process!

Since that first workout I have not looked back.  My life has done a 180 and I am already fitter and happier than I have ever been! 

Prior to SXF I had been a member of several gym’s and taken up various sports but nothing held my attention long enough to gain any benefits and I always found excuses not to exercise or better myself physically.  This has not even been on the radar since joining SXF, the workouts are varied and challenging and constantly keep me coming back for more.  I am attempting things I never thought I would ever be able to do.  I think it is probably more accurate to say I am addicted to CrossFit and I think it would be hard not to be!

The workouts change every day and I find myself checking them every morning when I get into work and looking forward to pushing myself that little bit further to either beat my old time or increase my personal best in the weights.  After starting off hating squats and being absolutely atrocious at them I worked very hard and now look forward to using my new improved version in workouts.  Before CrossFit I didn’t even know what a “squat” was!

I cannot thank Jono, Hayden and Cheng enough for all that they have done for me so far on my journey with CrossFit; they really have changed my life!  This coupled with the fantastic community that they have created with SXF is a credit to their dedication to the CrossFit discipline and all their hard work creating a fantastic gym. 

I am looking forward to achieving my goals this year and continuing on this amazing journey with SXF.

- Immy


I started CrossFit with the same enthusiasm I have done for most exercise programmes - the kind that begins to fade after a few weeks and is gone not long after!

It's now over 9 months since I started CrossFit and I have more enthusiasm than the day I signed up. I look forward to the daily WOD and hate it when work and other commitments get in the way of me going.

CrossFits WOD's are about numbers and times, the competition is with yourself to better what you managed the last time or yesterday, but the spirit of CrossFit means you have the trainers and all the other members motivating you and pushing you to be the best you can be.

I've lost weight, toned up and am the fittest I've ever been in my adult life.

Best of all I've found an exercise programme I love and am certain my enthusiasm will never fade.

- Nyrene


Thought I’d write a little something about my experience with SXF.

When SXF first started down at Tompkins Park I made an excuse the first week and went to the pub instead!! When my partner Rob did finally manage to drag my lazy butt down there, my version of a squat was laughable!! I've never been into fitness and had never seen anything like what we were doing. I was so sore, that I was still tender by the following Sunday when I was heading down for another session. 

I decided to join when the box opened in Willetton and have been addicted since. There are so many positive's that I have gained from the SXF community. I feel healthier, happier and more energetic than I ever have. I can’t believe that six months on, I am still actually going and by choice!! Once I got past the initial weeks of wanting to make excuses about how I couldn't be bothered, I started to enjoy it more and more.

I have made friendships with people in what was a different world to me before. The community at SXF couldn't be any better. So much so that I now live with another wonderful member!! Everyone is so positive and willing to help you every step of the way. I had major insecurities at the beginning, and was embarrassed to do anything in front of people before I realised that no one was there to put me down.

I now feel bad if I miss a day and watch a lot of what I eat. I am so much more conscious of how I treat my body and thanks to that I’m 10kg's lighter these days!! Each trainer has different roles that you play and it works so well. I find myself talking and discussing CrossFit all the time, I’m so passionate about it. I have learnt so much not just about CrossFit but myself too. The introduction of trigger point has also made a major difference in my training.

I couldn't be any more grateful to Rob for giving me the push to change my lifestyle so dramatically; everyone around me has noticed the difference. Or be more thankful for the never ending effort the trainers put into each and every member. You truly care about everyone and strive to be as helpful as you can, always giving attention that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

The SXF community is an achievement that you trainers should be so proud of.

The life I’m enjoying more now is thanks to you and will never be forgotten.

Thank you for all you have done.

- Rhea




Jono Hayden and Cheng, I wish to thank you for working with me to reach my goals and become fitter healthier and happier. 

Six months ago, after visiting my specialist I was told I had to put on more muscle mass and start working out with weight bearing exercise, to my surprise I was given a diagnosis of osteoporosis and at the age of 35, wasn’t good news. I am a coeliac and also have hasimotos disease (thyroid) and was feeling exhausted run down and I thought this was normal.

Regular gyms were not of interest to me. Repetitious gym equipment and mirrors everywhere, I only managed 3 months at the local gym, and was not getting any results, with no motivation to continue. 

Now I know a new normal, I have heaps of energy and feel fantastic, my self esteem and motivation has improved and with all the help and time the boys gave me at the gym, I am a new person. They have worked so hard and I love it, the workouts are fun and interesting.

The community at the gym is just amazing with everyone cheering me on in the workouts and everyone’s positive attitudes, I can’t keep away. I never knew a gym to have a warm and welcoming environment, apart from all the friends I have made along the way. 

I went back to my specialist two weeks ago, he was amazed to see me, I re-did my tests and I had lost 5% body fat and gained 3.8kgs of lean muscle, and… my osteoporosis is getting better!


Without Southern CrossFit I wouldn’t have been able to get these results, I am so thankful for everything, the time the energy and the family community and camaraderie of all of the Southern CrossFit family…….you’ve changed my life. Thank you, I will see you all again tomorrow!

- Leesa Munro 

Jarrad's Story

Before training with Hayden from Southern Crossfit I had struggled a bit with shoulder problems over the years after a mishap on the bench press but still managed to get to the gym from time to time and do the standard guys weights of Bench press and arm curls etc... I had never heard about Crossfit, thought a kettlebell was an alarm that went off when the kettle boiled, hated Cardio and anything that was harder than looking in the mirror doing bicep curls. I was very happy with my life as a whole despite carrying a few too many kilos that I found impossible to get rid of despite living what I thought was a healthy life and eating fairly well. I was terribly and embarrassingly unfit couldn't do many push ups during a workout and ran out of breath and had to stop quite quickly. My health wasn't flash either I didn't sleep well and at 29 I had high blood pressure and with a history of heart problems within the family needed to change.

Well I'm not about to say I can run a marathon or have lost 50 kilos but both my wife and I are starting to feel an addiction to health and fitness. I never thought that I could feel this good everyday, my blood pressure is good, I sleep better, I have lost 7 kilos but more importantly have gone down 3 holes on my belt in 3 months and fitting into things I never thought I would, my overall body strength has increased dramatically and stupidly enough I actually look forward to my next workout and if I miss a day or 2 it bothers me, my shoulders are in better condition now than what they were and on a different note my job is in sales and funnily enough the first 6 months of 2009 have been my best by far despite the hard times and the reduction in hours worked.

I would recommend to ANYONE of any age, size or fitness level wanting to make a healthy change to there life or take what they have now to another level completely to give Southern Crossfit a go. The environment the 3 guys create is a positive, un-intimidating, non pretentious friendly and caring community for both guys and girls where your not just a number or a client but someone they genuinely care about what and how you are doing.

Don't get sucked in by "sales people" at other gyms with fake promises and a gym bag just to get you to sign up only to become another number on a fixed contract like I have before, join one that actually cares and knows your name, has month by month memberships only because they are confident you are going to love it like I have and keep coming back for more.


Big thanks to Hayden, Jono and Cheng for all there help so far.

I am happy to talk to anyone that would like to know more about what Southern Crossfit has done for me and my life and can be contacted on 0403 267 251.

- Jarrad