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Tactical Strength Challenge

Southern CrossFit will again be again holding our Annual Tactical Strength Challenge. 

The TSC is an all inclusive event designed for all fitness levels. We will be having Beginner, Intermediate and RX'd categories. Every year we use the TSC as a fundraiser. This year it will go towards supporting 2 of our athletes, Tara and Alison. Both qualified for National's in Weightlifting.

There is no entry fee, we are just asking for a donation to compete. There will be some prizes on the day given to winners of each category. It a fun day and we encourage everyone to participate.


The TSC consists of 3 events:

- 3 attempts at a 1RM Deadlift
- 1 Pull Up Max rep attempt. 
- Max Kettlebell Snatches in 5 minutes

The winner is determined by combined placement in the three events. For example, if Lifter A finishes third in the deadlift, fifth in pullups, and second in snatches, his score is 10 (3+5+2). The lowest combined score wins. In the event of a deadlift tie, the lighter competitor places higher. In the event of a pullup tie, the heavier competitor places higher. In the event of a snatch tie, the tie stands. In the event of an overall tie (two or more lifters get same combined score), the tie stands. 

Deadlift: Everyone participant get 3 attempts at a 1 Rep Max Deadlift. Only successful lifts are counted.

Pull Ups:
RX Men: 10kg
RX & Intermediate Men and Women: Strict Bodyweight
Beginner Men and Women Strict: Bands are allowed, however highest rank is given to bodyweight, then the lightest bands.

Kettlebell Snatch: 5 minutes for total reps;
RX Men: 32kg
RX Women: 20kg
Int Men: 24kg
Int Women: 12kg
Beg Men: 16kg
Beg Women: 8kg

The Tactical Strength Challenge will be held at Southern CrossFit Willetton. It will brief at 9am, for kick off at 9.15.

One normal CrossFit class will run that day at 8am, members from both gyms are free to attend and no sign in is required!

Please ask our coaches for another further details!

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