November Paleo Challenge Details

Here are some specific details for the upcoming Paleo Challenge:

The actual eating requirement for the Challenge will begin on the 3rd of November. November being a long month with 5 weekends, we thought we would start it here to try and get better compliance and participation. That will give you this upcoming weekend to get some meals organised for the upcoming week! Monday the 3rd will also be the day we take the before measurements and weigh in.

The final day of the challenge will be Monday the 1st of December, we will do the measurements and weighing again.

The before and after workouts will be done on the same days before and after to hopefully keep the data as accurate as possible.

Workout 1: SXF Baseline, this workout will be done on Saturday the 1st of November, and retested on Saturday the 29th of November.
Workout 2: 1x Max Strict Pull Up attempt + a 2K Run will be done initially on the 3rd of November and retested on the 1st of December.

If you can’t make these days, let our trainers know and we will try to be as accommodating as possible and fit these workouts in another time. Feel free to use open gym to do these also if you can’t do it within a class.

The entry into the challenge is $20 which includes before and after measurements, body fat readings and your Paleo challenge Log book where you can record all of this down, as well as take a food diary from day to day. You will also have access to the SXF Paleo Challenge Facebook page where you get interaction with other people in the challenge and you can share experiences, tips and advice.

4 prizes will also be on offer to be awarded after the challenge
- Biggest transformation
- Performance award
- Points Award
- People’s choice award

A big change we would like to see this time is don’t be afraid mid-way to ask trainers to take a look over your book and get some advice on your day to day eating. There may be some little modifications you can do to maximise your results along with assisting with compliance and energy levels.

Get involved guys!

30 Day Paleo Challenge is Back!!

Southern CrossFit’s Paleo challenge is going to kick of on Wednesday 1st of September.

It is going to run a little different from the ‘09 challenge. There is going to be a $20 charge to cover the new Food Diaries. Over the next few weeks we will need you to book in to see one of the trainers to get your measurements done so we can see the changes that happen over the coming months. 

On Tuesday the 31st we are going to hold a meeting @ SXF to try and cover all the questions you have before the challenge begins. This will be in place of the usual 7.30pm O-Lifting Class.


Why You Got FAT

from the movie Fat Head.

No-Bologna Facts:

  • There’s never been a single study that proves saturated fat causes heart disease.
  • As heart-disease rates were skyrocketing in the mid-1900s, consumption of animal fat was going down, not up. Consumption of vegetable oils, however, was going up dramatically.
    Half of all heart-attack victims have normal or low cholesterol. Autopsies performed on heart-attack victims routinely reveal plaque-filled arteries in people whose cholesterol was low (as low as 115 in one case).
  • Asian Indians - half of whom are vegetarians - have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the entire world. Yup, that fatty meat will kill you, all right.
  • When Morgan Spurlock tells you that a McDonald’s salad supplies almost a day’s allowance of fat, he’s basing that statement on the FDA’s low-fat/high-carbohydrate dietary guidelines, which in turn are based on … absolutely nothing. There’s no science behind those guidelines; they were simply made up by a congressional committee.
  • Kids who were diagnosed as suffering from ADD have been successfully treated by re-introducing natural saturated fats into their diets. Your brain is made largely of fat.
  • Many epileptics have reduced or eliminated seizures by adopting a diet low in sugar and starch and high in saturated animal fats.
  • Despite everything you’ve heard about saturated fat being linked to cancer, that link is statistically weak. However, there is a strong link between sugar and cancer. In Europe, doctors tell patients, “Sugar feeds cancer.”
  • Being fat is not, in and of itself, bad for your health. The behaviors that can make you fat - eating excess sugar and starch, not getting any exercise - can also ruin your health, and that’s why being fat is associated with bad health. But it’s entirely possible to be fat and healthy. It’s also possible to be thin while developing Type II diabetes and heart disease.
  • Saturated fat and cholesterol help produce testosterone. When men limit their saturated fat, their testosterone level drops. So, regardless of what a famous vegan chef believes, saturated fat does not impair sexual performance.