Here comes the first big test.... The WEEKEND

Day 3: G'day Guy's, the weekend is rapidly approaching us and for most people will be their biggest test to date of will power. You will need to tough it out and whether the storms for the next few days starting with the usual Friday arvo cocktails and bevies after work.. You can do it!

Your Homework: This weekend try cooking at least 3 new and different Paleo friendly meals.
Paleo cake recipe tomorrow!


Pesto Stuffed Field Mushrooms with Roasted Truss Tomato’s

Pre Heat oven to 180c


8 Large Field mushrooms stems removed

200g Pesto

4 Sprigs of Truss Cherry Tomato

20ml Olive oil


Fill Field mushrooms with pesto, place on roasting tray with tomato’s, drizzle with oil and bake for 8-10 min

Tomato’s should lightly blister and mushrooms should release a little of their juices.


Post Comments and homework meals you plan on having a crack at over the weekend.