The Basics, Sleep and the 90%

Everyone are searching for the edge, but 90% of your results are going to come from doing the basics, both regularly and well. The basics include (and aren't limited to):

- A well balanced and high quality diet
- Regular exercise
- Engaging in low intensity, stress reducing activity (casual walks, light swimming, at the park with your kids)
- 3% of your bodyweight + 1L per hour of exercise of water per day.
- Supplementing with essentials that may be lacking in your regular diet or lifestyle (Omega 3, Vitamin D)
- 8 hours of sleep per night

Sleep is a contributing score to your Paleo challenge points system, but it's a lot more important than gaining a few extra points. From a performance side - you can't recover as efficiently, and therefore perform again well. Testosterone levels will be down, and cortisol levels will be effected. Cortisol is a hormone that controls metabolism, immune function, blood pressure levels and inflammation control, among others. All crucial for both fat loss and performance.

Some basic steps to improve your sleep:
+ A magnesium supplement with your dinner
+ Stretch before bed
+ Sleep in a room with no artificial light (LEDs, street lights, phone that emits light)
+ Try to eat 2 hours before bed
+ Live like a caveman, when its get's dark go to sleep, wake up when it starts getting light. (An efficient sleeping cycle should wake you up at the same time every day).

If your looking for some greater depth into potential sleeping problems/solutions, this article has some ideas.

Be careful, that extra work your doing may be doing more harm then help. So if your serious about your results, improve your basics first and everything else will fall into place. Instead of watching another Simpson's re-run, get to bed (unless it's the Monorail episode).