Are you stopping short of the finish line? Consistency is the difference between failure and success.

What is the most important element of training? …. My answer; Consistency is the most important aspect of athletic success and forward progress.

Whether you are someone looking to excel in CrossFit, looking to bulk up or loose a few kgs, your efforts will be hugely effect by how consistent you are with your training and lifestyle.
Well-balanced athletes have their priorities in line, which in the long run helps their success. It's important to stick to a training program that fits your lifestyle and can be followed consistently without upsetting other areas of your life.

Consistent Training

A well-designed training plan followed consistently will maximize results. A well-designed plan has the proper mix of stress and recovery and ensures the right type of training occurs at the right time.
Consistency doesn't just apply to frequency of workouts, but how consistently you adhere to the workout format. A five-day-per-week plan where each training day is executed with maximum energy and precision followed by sufficient rest days and mobility is better than a Non-stop plan that is cherry picked, leaves you tired, unmotivated and ultimately affects other areas of their life. Listening to coaches and following the Southern CrossFit program will ensure your training is as consistent as it can be.


First of all, we as coaches can only do so much when it comes to your lifestyle consistencies. Let’s be honest, the majority of you are spending  1-2 hours per day at the gym under our wing.  Yes good on you for being consistent in your training, it is a huge factor in getting good results, BUT there are still another 22 hours in the day! Not sticking to a somewhat consistent lifestyle (which you, yes YOU are in charge of) may be holding you back from producing that extra 10-20% in all areas of your training and therefore pumping the breaks on your long term goals.

When I say “consistent lifestyle” I mean keeping your diet consistent (trying to keep it as healthy as possible, eating clean), the amount of sleep you get, keeping on top of your stressors, water intake, supplement intake (the good stuff; fish oils, magnesium), the list goes on and might need to be the subject of further posts. If you do not stay consistent and on top of these things your training and results are going to suffer regardless of how many hours you are putting in the gym.

Lifestyle consistencies are in your hands.

If you are still unsure of why consistency is important…  Well, it makes a situation run smooth. Consistent means to flow continuously, so if something flows in sync, everything runs correctly.

Apply some consistency into your training and lifestyle, stick at it and I am sure you will see results.

Written by Coach Fin