2015 SXF Lifestyle Challenge

2nd Oct – 29th Nov 2015

On the 2nd of October 50 of our members and member’s friends decided to give our newest challenge a shot, The 8 week Southern CrossFit Lifestyle Challenge. The aim of this challenge was to help show that a slight change in lifestyle, applying some healthy habits and consistent exercise can help hugely in each one of our own individual goals, this was a challenge that could be continued well after the 8 weeks.

We kicked the challenge off with a Full Body scan from Body Analytics, this showed us things like our Body Fat %, Skeletal Muscle Mass, it also gave us a target body weight to try and reach over the challenge. Everybody was rescanned at the end of the challenge to compare results.

Our First group activity was a 1hour Nutrition talk with Natasha Bradley. The talk covered “what is good nutrition?” Nutrition for performance and had a 20min Q&A to finish it off. There were plenty of great questions asked and plenty of knowledge bombs dropped by Tash. Halfway through the challenge Tash came back to Southern CrossFit and we had a more in-depth discussion about our individual diets. We broke out into small groups to see how everyone would go creating our own versions of daily meals that would fit into our new healthy lifestyle. Hugely beneficial!

We started our group workouts with one big testing workout which 45 of the challengers completed, This workout was retested at the end of the challenge. During the challenge participants had the opportunity to jump in on 3 Monday evening workouts and 2 in challenge only park workouts, stretch sessions, these attracted the majority.

On winding down from the challenge and after everybody had bettered their final workout scores we cranked up the BBQ and enjoyed a snag or two. Was a good chance for everybody to discuss their achievements and get together as part of the 2015 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge team for the last time!

In total the 8 week lifestyle challenge team shredded 53.2kgs, added 6.7kgs of muscle and lost on average 1.8% body fat.

Overall great results and I hope we helped shape some lifestyles for the better.

Until next time, Coach Fin.