SXF Nedlands @ Allstars Finals 2015

After qualifying 6th in WA SXF Nedlands decided to send a team over to Melbourne to participate against all the other team’s nation-wide in the All Star Affiliate Series. The team was the same as last years All Star Final, made up of Ashley Neumeier, Rachel Davis, Sara Lock, Wacey Brown, Dustin Fergus and Jason Walker. Unfortunately practising some un-assuming step ups Dustin had some back spasms. Even after a few days of treatment he was unable to move at the standard required to compete and had to pull the pin. After a tense day or so Chris Gill was the knight in shining armour and although not having done much training in the recent months agreed to make the trip!

Saturday was fast and furious with 4 events. The highlight was definitely the team Clean and Jerk where almost everyone either equalled or set a new PR. Sara filled Chris with confidence saying he should only attempt 100kg. Fuelled with the sort of motivation only a spiteful significant other could provide Chris went out and hit 120kg helping the team to a respectable 13th place finish. Final placings for the day were:

Event 1 Women: 22nd
Event 1a Men: 22nd
Event 2: 13th
Event 3 Men: 24th
Event 3a Women: 21st
Event 4a Men: 10th
Event 4 Women: 29th

Finishing day 1 in 21st the goal was to hopefully climb a few spots and sneak inside the top 20. The first event 5 was something different, having to break into a 2 teams with unevenly spread members. Event 6 was a big chipper and Event 7 was a congo line with 15 70/45kg Snatches having to be completed to get team members through. The Day 2 events finished up with:

Event 5: 21st
Event 5a: 18th
Event 6 Women: 23rd
Event 6a Men: 10th
Event 7 Men: 24th
Event 7a Women: 21st

Final standings were a tantalising 1 placing from a top 20 finish with 2 teams in 19th on 257 points and SXF Nedlands in 21st on 258. A solid improvement on 27th place last year. A huge thanks to the crew that came and supported us and especially Chris for the last minute fill in!

A thank you and goodbye to Ash and Sara for their contributions over the years who in the coming months are leaving Australia and WA respectively.

You will be missed!