Creating Positivity in Training

How do you normally approach a workout?  Excited, nervous, scared to death or just plain unenthusiastic?  Chances are these feelings change from day to day and more importantly from workout to workout, depending on what the workout is.

Creating positivity in training doesn't just happen during training.  There I said it.  Just like coming to the gym to do your training and then going back out into your life, a lot of damage can be done in between.

First of all you need to identify why you are being negative about something.  Generally negativity comes from fear.  Fear of failure, fear of what other people think, fear of letting yourself or other people down and sometimes it can even be fear of success.

Secondly you need to change the way you think and talk to yourself both inside and outside of the gym.  If you constantly tell yourself you can't do something, your body will agree with you and won't do it.  Just like lots of good repetitions of a movement in training, repetition of good self talk will gradually eliminate all the bad self talk.  You can do this by way of positive affirmations.  Try it!  It's all about the way we phrase something.  Instead of saying things like "I'm not strong enough".  Change it to "I am strong and capable" and repeat it to yourself 10-20 times a day.

Thirdly in training itself.  Do a workout session and at the end of that session make note of what you said to yourself during that training session and when.  Then replace this with with positive self talk.  Don't be afraid to tell yourself "good work" during a workout when you hit that target number of reps.  Your body will thank you for it by continuing that good work over and over!

Its our ability to change the way we think, that will in the end benefit us the most.

Written by Coach Claire.