Fish Oil (or Omega 3) Supplementation, why and how much?

Fish Oil is one of the few supplements with evidence behind proven and significant benefits. 

When you select a Fish Oil supplement, make sure you know what your looking for. Total mg doesn't tell the story, your looking for the total EPA & DHA content. Generally the higher ratio of DHA to EPA signifies the greater quality.

Pure Pharma is up to 10 times times denser than your standard pharmacy Omega 3 supplement. Which means your don't need to take as many. (Taking 5 big caps per meal isn't fun). 

Your fish oil servings can be dictated by your own personal needs. If your body stores a lot of fat, (Omega 6) you want a higher serving of Omega 3 to even out this balance and help your body process this stored fat. If your activity level is higher than average you also need a higher serving. These categories would be suited towards the 3 caps a day.

If your take your fish oil regularly, are quite lean and also get some good Omega 3 servings within your diet, you could start to decrease your daily servings.

Flaxseed Oil instead? Flaxseed is an inefficient source of Omega 3, it comes in the form of a short chain Omega 3, which to be utilised as effectively needs to be digested (generally by something else) then consumed again.

Pure Pharma not only being of the highest quality and purity, supports CrossFit and CrossFit athletes.

If your goal is aesthetic, performance or assisting functions such as brain and joint health, a Fish Oil supplement is a great ally.