Slow cooked Osso Bucco with parsnip and thyme puree

Serves 4

1 kg Osso Bucco

2 Brown onion

3 Carrots

2 Leeks

2 Stick Celery

4 Tomato

2 Sprigs Rosemary

1 Lt Beef Stock (hot)

1 Tbsn Arrowroot


Brown vegetables in a deep roasting dish. Brown Osso Bucco in a separate pan with a little olive oil, place on top of vegetables. Pour in stock and rosemary cover with foil and place in oven @ 180c for 3 hours.

If you have a pressure cooker brown meat and vegetables, add stock, cover and cook for 2 hours.

Once meat is tender stir in arrowroot to thicken sauce.


For the Parsnip Puree

6 small Parsnips

1 Brown onion

1 clove garlic

6 Sprigs Thyme

250 ml Chicken Stock

Pepper to taste


Peel parsnips and slice thin

Slice onion fine and crush garlic

Remove heavy stems from thyme and chop fine.

Place all ingredients into a heavy based pot, cover, bring to the boil and simmer until parsnip is tender. Puree until smooth and add pepper to taste.