Paleo Challenge '10 Wrap-up..

as everyone finishes off getting their post Paleo Challenge measurement's we'd like to get everyone to throw up a comment or 2 on how they faired for the month of Paleo...

What was the best & worst, what did you find to be the most challenging & what came easier than you expected, if you intend to continue to live a Paleo diet going forward. One thing you learned that you didn't know before hand, Favourite Paleo recipe/dish!

Please feel free to throw up your pre & post Paleo measurements for others to see and also!

Really anything you wanted to share to help other see that Paleo and going against the grain (no pun intended) isn't really that bad or the end of the world..

In the end guy's all we could have hoped for you was to take at least one small thing away from trying out something a little different and against the norm of what most people have been lead to be the way to eat..