Southern CrossFit Gym Rules

We love the fact that SXF is a casual, laid back place for people to laugh, train hard, and enjoy themselves. Through our previous experiences working at commercial gyms, we have refused to enforce a ridiculous amount of mundane rules. As our Fantastic Community grows, these rules are simply designed to ensure that our member’s (that’s you!) are safe, satisfied, and are training in the best possible environment.

Be on time:

It is important that you turn up to the session on time as the warm-up is crucial for injury prevention, developing and honing skills, improving WOD performance, and reducing  next day muscle soreness amongst other things. It also gives you a chance to set your weights, and make necessary adjustments before the workout begins. We totally understand being late once in awhile due to unavoidable circumstances, but we believe that it’s kind of rude for the coaches and rest of the class when consistently late members squeeze themselves into the workout, and disrupt the flow of the class.

No Coaching:

This has been increasingly becoming an issue here at SXF. We encourage you to support your fellow CrossFitter with "c'mon, one more rep!" and we hate to see people finish their workout and not give support to those that are still slugging it out! We know that members have good intentions when they start giving coaching cues, but there is a big difference between “c’mon one more rep” and “you need to... <insert coaching advice>”. To be honest, it might offend the person that is doing the workout, or provide misinformation on the technique. If you see something that looks unsafe, grab a coach, that’s what we are here for!

No kids on the gym floor during classes please:

SXF has a great community, and many of you have children. Occasionally children have been brought to the gym when parents are doing a workout. Please ensure that you have an adult minder for your children, and going upstairs to the mezzanine/viewing area will be the most ideal and safest place for your minders and children to sit back and enjoy seeing their parents suffer through a WOD. We just don’t want kids at risk from getting whipped by skipping ropes, or getting hit by dropping Kettlebells, and rolling barbells. Please keep your kids safe, and ensure that the kids are under adult supervision at all times. Thanking you in advance.

Respect the equipment but don’t baby it:

We understand that sometimes dropping the weight is unavoidable, we would much rather have damaged equipment than damaged athletes “equipment can be replaced, you can’t!”. There is a huge difference between safely dumping of the weight and throwing the weight. Throwing a weight from overhead in a busy class is unsafe practice. Ensure that when you drop the weight, you retrieve the bar quickly. Another important rule in respect to your fellow members is to always clean up and put away your weights.

We always strive to continuously improve member satisfaction, and with SXF growing as a community, we hope that these rules will have a great benefit to you and your training.


Thanks Guys!