Foundations Course

At Southern CrossFit everyone completes a foundation course - a 6-class course in which we teach you the basic movements of CrossFit.

The course will help build correct form and technique in a safe and controlled manner and helps you build a solid foundation to help achieve your desired fitness goals.

Once you’ve completed foundations , you can join the main CrossFit Classes where our coaches will continue to look after you.

Our Foundations course will not only see you get to learn a series of basic CrossFit movements, but we’ll also look to gain an insight into your personal goals, current health, concerns or injuries you might have

Summary of the 6-Class Course

We’ll introduce, refine technique and discuss range of motion requirements for the following movements:

  • Squats: air squat, front squat, overhead squat

  • Presses: shoulder press, push press, push jerk

  • Power movements: deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, med-ball clean

  • Gymnastics: pull-up, push-ups

  • Other common movements: thrusters, wall ball, kettlebell swings, rowing

Please understand that all movements have the ability to be scaled to your individual requirements.

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