Teamwork and leadership underpin success in business, with physical fitness providing a demonstrated contribution to mental agility and resilience to stress.

Southern CrossFit offers tailored programs to corporate clients who wish to improve both the operation of their business and the quality of their lives. We specialise in conducting small group activities designed to develop teamwork, forge leadership skills and provide ongoing "life skills" - through the medium of physically and mentally challenging activities in an array of environments ranging from the office, the local park or up to expedition level events.

The programs can be structured to suit availability of your workforce from single sessions
to a weekly training program run over 12 weeks. By increasing the health and fitness of
employees, workplace efficiency can often be improved along with concentration and motivation.
Benefits can also include reductions in sick leave, work place injuries and better staff retention.

Locations can be arranged from your place of business, a suitable nearby park or our facility.

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