Are All CrossFit Gyms The Same?

Very good question. Not just No, but Hell No !!

All CrossFit gyms are individually owned and operated; we are not a franchise.  Basically, all gyms “do their own thing”.  Our affiliation to CrossFit is based on our passion for quality training and programming; love of functional movements done at high intensity; and much admiration and respect for the founders, Greg and Lauren Glassman, who brought their vast knowledge to the masses.

What does this mean to you?  You should check out the facilities, the coaches and the classes & communities.

Some gyms may omit Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and other modalities.  Some programs are based on bodyweight only.  The experience and skill level (not the same thing) of coaches and trainers also vary.  What do you get with your membership?  Are there workshops or community events?  Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do (definitely NOT the same as someone showing you what and how; and getting you to understand why).  Is there real coaching going on? Are you learning new skills and moving forward?

So again, we are all similar, but can be vastly different.  Choose what fits you best and your goals.  No matter what, we are glad you found CrossFit.  Done correctly, it is the BEST strength and conditioning programming around!

If you are new to the methodology of CrossFit it’s important to understand what a quality program should look like.  When searching for an affiliate take a good look at their programming… this will give you a good indication of what they are all about. 

A few simple things to look for in a quality CrossFit Affiliate:

  • DEDICATED STRENGTH TRAINING is offered at least twice per week/training cycle (Olympic Weightlifting, and powerlifting).
  • GYMNASTICS are regularly taught and practiced.
  • “CHIPPER” workouts do not appear more than once per week/training cycle.  (A chipper is a large volume of work composed of more than three exercises.  For example, 400 sit-ups, 300 push-ups, 200 pull-ups, and 100 burpees.)
  • QUALITY INSTRUCTION is being delivered.  Take a good look at an affiliates instructors credentials.  Have their instructors earned quality certifications/training that enables them to teach CrossFit properly?  Do they actually use CrossFit as their primary training method or are they just associated with CrossFit for what the name brings with it?
  • COMMUNITY is a massive part of what we do also! By just taking a few steps into any CrossFit Affiliate (or any commercial gym for that matter) you will get a feel if there is a true community. It should be somewhere you could see yourself going through the blood sweat and tears it takes..