About Southern CrossFit

Southern CrossFit is a CrossFit facility located in Perth, Western Australia. Our large facility is located in Willetton & offers top of the range equipment and the most experienced trainers will provide you with all the necessary tools and coaching to get all our clients to an improved level of fitness. 

Our Mission

Our objective is to give you the gift of genuine fitness, not the appearance of Fitness. We believe that fitness should be for everyone - not only for the pro athlete or the wealthy. Southern CrossFit fosters an environment of friendly competition, camaraderie, community spirit and respect. We will train you with intensity, commitment, and above all SAFETY. 

Our Method

Southern CrossFit specializes group classes, making it affordable, and enjoyable for everyone. We limit our class size and membership base to ensure correct coaching and adequate room. We also provide one-on-one coaching for those who need it. We make all our workouts scalable to all fitness levels. We take out unnecessary movements and unnecessary equipment and provide you with barebones essentials to get you the fittest that you can in the shortest possible time. Our key methods are:

Instruction & Guidance

We will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFE and correctly (you won't be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.)

Motivation & Support

We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is CRUCIAL in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days... we're here to make sure this DOESN'T happen to YOU). Everybody has days where they're not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That's why we're here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the BUTT when you need it. 

Nutritional Instruction 

You'll discover which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from (It's probably NOT the foods you think). Stop by our Nutrition Blog for some great recipes and info!!


Fun Workouts

If you don't enjoy something you probably won't stick with it... so we make SURE you have a damn good time during your workouts (You're actually gonna LOOK FORWARD to working out for once!) 

Our Instructors

Our Coaches have worked extensively in the field of Health & Fitness that includes in-depth studies in Anatomy and Physiology, Strength and Conditioning,and Functional movements to name a few. Our Coaches are Experienced, Qualified and hold all the relevant Certifications to train you for maximum results and with the up most safety:

  • Registered Fitness Professionals with Fitness Australia
  • CrossFit Affiliate Owner's
  • Cert III Gym Instructor
  • Cert IV Master Trainer
  • CrossFit Certified Coach (level 2)
  • CrossFit Certified Coaches (level 1)
  • CrossFit Gymnastic Certification
  • CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification
  • Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (AWF)
  • State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (AWF)
  • Senior First Aid